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Anhui Astromagnet Co., Ltd is located in Lujiang County, Anhui Province, a famous historical and cultural city in East China with beautiful scenery; Chaohu Lake, known as "land of fish and rice", is one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China.

Founded on July 1, 1997, it was formerly known as Dongguan Huien magnet Co., Ltd. in Guangdong Pearl River Delta region under the headquarters of Hong Kong Xiehe industry; Since its establishment in the mid-1990s, a group of young people have been adhering to & nbsp“ To do something, to do something "is the pursuit of the times; With the belief of unremitting, feet collapse on the ground, step by step.

Unremitting, feet collapse on the ground, step by step will win faith
Sintered Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials

As the latest result of the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials, it is known as "magneto king" because of its excellent magnetic properties. Neodymium iron boron magnetic material is an alloy of neodymium and iron oxide, also known as magnetic steel. It is an important functional material in industrial, military and civil fields because of its high magnetic energy product, coercivity and high energy density. Whether electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy, electrical energy into sound energy, or mechanical energy into electrical energy, NdFeB plays an important role.

As the third generation of rare earth permanent magnet material, NdFeB has strong magnetism, small volume and light weight. It is a cost-effective magnet at present. It can well meet the needs of light and small downstream products, energy saving and consumption reduction, making the terminal products more comfortable, convenient, energy-saving and efficient, and has a very broad application space.

Sintered Nd-Fe-B magnetic materials
Bonded NdFeB magnets made of rapidly quenched NdFeB powder and binders by compaction molding or injection molding. With very high accuracy tolerance and excellent mechanical properties , can be made into relatively complex shapes  , moulding one time and multi-polar orientation as well . Meanwhile can be injected with other parts together. now widely used in computers (hard drives, optical drives and floppy disk drive spindle motor)printers, mobile phones, home appliances (air conditioners, refrigerators), micro-motors, etc.
Ferrite Magnets
Ferrite Magnets , also known as Ceramic magnets , introduced in the 1960’s.,composed of  Ferrite Oxide , Barium Oxide and Strontium Oxide by Pressing or Injection Molding technology.
Ferrite Magnets can be available in Isotropic and Anisotropic . Isotropic grades are not oriented and can be magnetized in any direction . While Anisotropic grades need to be oriented in the manufacturing direction and must be magnetized in the direction of orientation.
The resistivity of the ferrite is much higher than other metals or alloy magnetic materials , besides the high dielectric properties . Moreover , with high permeability at high frequencies , are widely used in High-Frequency Weak Current Areas .
Due to high coercive force , excellent corrosion resistance , good temperature stability and their low cost , Ferrite magnets enjoy a very wide range of application ,Such as : Speakers , Motors, Magnetic Separators, Toys ,Stations and crafts , etc .
SmCo magnets
SmCo magnets , also called SmCo magnetic steel , one kind of Rare Earth Permanent materials , made from raw earth metal Samarium and cobalt, with iron , copper , zirconium, praseodymium and other metal elements in certain proportions , by melting , milling , shaping , sintering processes. Due to its excellent properties : higher magnetic properties (high energy product, high coercivity, high remanence);very low temperature coefficient (-0.030% / ℃), high working temperature (The maximum temperature is up to 350 ℃), negative temperature un-limitation, the good stability of the maximum energy  product-BH, temperature and chemical , strong anti-corrosion and oxidation resistance, now widely used in aerospace, defense industry, microwave devices, communications, medical equipment, instruments, wind power, avariety of magnetic drives, sensors, magnetic processor, high-end motor, etc.
SmCo1:5 magnet, also Called SmCo5.Made from the metallic samarium, cobalt , iron , copper , zirconium, PrNd and other metal elements in certain proportions , by melting , milling , shaping , sintering processes. The (BH) max range is from 16 to 25, maximum working temperature reaches 250°C.
The mechanical character and ductibility of SmCo5 is better than Sm2Co17, easier to be machined in to complex sizes ,very thin disc and thin-walled ring .
Alnico magnets
Alnico magnets ,one kind of metal alloys, composed of primarily aluminum, nickel, and cobalt with other small amounts of other elements . One preferred materials for excellent temperature stability , good resistance to demagnetization , high residual induction , and relatively high energies . However by strength , much weaker than NdFeB magnets , SmCo magnets and Ferrite magnet. Divided into Sintered Alnico magnet and Cast Alnico magnet according to different production processes. Cast Alnico magnets made by meted alnico into a mold . The solidified material is rough ground and then heat treated and cooled . Anisotropic and Isotropic can be available . After treatment , the material is ground to specific tolerances, then magnetized .
Sintered Alnico magnets made from a powdered mixture of ingredients , then pressing , sintering . Cast magnets may be manufactured in complex shapes, such as horseshoes, not possible for other magnet materials. Sintered Alnico offers slightly lower magnetic properties but better mechanical characteristics than cast Alnico.
Now Alnico magnets are widely used in Auto parts, instrumentation, electro-acoustic, electrical, teaching,Aerospace military ,instrumentation, communications, magnetic switches and a variety of sensors , etc.
Amorphous or Nanocrystalline alloy is a soft magnetic material which is made through rapid solidification of molten metal at a cooling speed about one million degrees per second. This material is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications from Chokes, Transformers, Current Transformers and other high frequency inductors.
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Unremitting, feet collapse on the ground, step by step will win faith
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