The chairman of the board held a signing ceremony for the expansion project
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On the morning of May 18, the county held a grand signing ceremony for investment projects. Diao Jirun, deputy secretary of the county Party committee and acting head of the county, Shang Xinmei, Secretary of the Party group and acting director of the county people's Congress, Xia Mingsheng, chairman of the CPPCC and leader of the leading group of the county's investment promotion work, and Wang Shuli, deputy head of the County, attended the signing ceremony. Anhui Tianyu Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd., Anhui Xiyangyang agricultural means Chain Co., Ltd., Jiangyin Changjiang Investment Co., Ltd., Hefei cube Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and other 16 centralized contract signing merchants attended the ceremony. The signing ceremony was presided over by Xia Mingsheng and delivered by Wang Shuli.

Wang Shuli pointed out in his speech that the successful signing of these projects is of great significance for accelerating the rise of Lujiang River. He stressed that we should take the project signing as an opportunity to carry out in-depth "Investment Promotion Month" activities, quickly set off the upsurge of "large-scale negotiation, large-scale signing and large-scale construction" of investment promotion projects, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in opening up and investment promotion. He expressed the hope that all contracted project units should make careful planning and active preparation, and strive to start, complete, put into operation and get results as soon as possible. He asked that all towns, relevant departments and county economic development zones should actively serve, actively coordinate, scientifically guide and strengthen dispatching, so as to provide convenient, efficient, high-quality and satisfactory services for all customers. Wang Shuli stressed that we should set up a new concept of "serving customers and attracting investment by business". We sincerely invite all responsible persons of enterprises to publicize and promote Lujiang more, give advice and suggestions for Lujiang's development, and contribute their wisdom to attracting investment. We should live up to our mission and strive to create "you invest, I serve; The social atmosphere of "you develop, I protect" will make new and greater contributions to "the new development of enterprises and the new rise of Lujiang".

Xia Mingsheng stressed that the project signing is only the first step. Good construction, growth and efficiency of the investment project is the common goal of both sides and the successful cooperation in the true sense. He said that Lujiang is pregnant with huge development potential and business opportunities, and has unlimited vitality and vigor. It is an ideal place for investment and development. An open Lujiang welcomes all investors with strategic vision.

The main persons in charge of the economic development zone of each town and county, the main persons in charge of the county Party committee office, the people's Congress Office, the government office, the CPPCC office, the Organization Department, the Propaganda Department, the political and Legal Commission, the development and Reform Commission, the economic Commission, the Agricultural Commission, the China Merchants Bureau, the land and Resources Bureau, the Construction Bureau, the administrative service center, the Tourism Bureau, the Mining Development Bureau, the industrial and commercial bureau, the State Taxation Bureau, the Local Taxation Bureau, the letters and Visits Bureau, the science and Technology Bureau, the Affairs Administration Bureau and other relevant departments directly under the county The main responsible persons of all overseas investment promotion bureaus attended the signing ceremony.

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